Meet the volunteers – Jennifer Brookman

To celebrate National Volunteers Week, we are speaking to the volunteers here at the Wedgwood Museum.
Today’s volunteer is Jennifer Brookman.
My volunteering began for the Wedgwood Museum back in December 2013. My main reason to volunteer was to gain collections based experience to add to my portfolio of museum experience, which I had built up over the past few years whilst completing a Masters degree in Museum Studies.
My work at the Museum involves carrying out a Collections Audit in the reserve collection before the it gets moved to its new home. The aim is to go through the cabinets object by object looking for the item’s identification number and logging the objects, and the identification number if it has one, onto an Excel spreadsheet. Every so often the object does not have a number so a temporary number is assigned to that object.
The work I do is great because it involves a lot of object handling which is great experience to add to my CV that can help me get my first museum job. Volunteering at Wedgwood Museum is great because you get to meet new people whilst gaining new skills.
One day I would like to become a Curator and the experience I gain at Wedgwood is a step towards that goal!
If you would like to volunteer in our collections or archive, email or visit our website.

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