Meet the Volunteers – Lucy Lead

Today’s volunteer is Lucy Lead who works in our archives.

 I joined the Wedgwood Museum in June 2012 and stayed for the next three months primarily to gain further understanding of working within an archive.

I had such a fantastic time that when I went back to the University of Liverpool to complete my final year studying History that I knew it was something I really wanted to pursue further.

Six months later I began the application process for a Masters degree within Archives and Record Management. I approached the Museum to see if they would have me back whilst studying long distance from Aberystwyth – and very luckily for me they said yes!

So in July 2013 I returned to the Museum and the archives and not looked back. I am in two or three days each week and regularly get involved in assisting readers, giving talks, helping find information and generally ensuring the smooth running and maintenance of the archives.

It is a very rewarding experience and I enjoy it enormously – I would definitely say come in and see what volunteering at the Wedgwood Museum is all about!

If you want to get involved and volunteer at the Wedgwood Museum, there are plenty of opportunities from helping with the maintenance of the museum to running guided tours, and from helping out in the archives to assisting with education groups. For more information email or visit our wesbite.


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