#savewedgwoodcollection challenge

We’d like to give a heartfelt thanks for the kind messages of support we have received during the The Art Fund campaign to save the Wedgwood collection. Our friends at Stoke Sentinel have initiated a social media campaign on Twitter, encouraging our supporters to tweet using the hashtag #savewedgwoodcollection whilst nominating three friends. Our creative supporters took the campaign up a notch by posing with their own favourite pieces of Wedgwood:


Well, we at the museum couldn’t resist joining in with this campaign. (And yes, we have an unfair advantage, given the sheer number of items we have to choose from!)

Here’s Rebecca, one of the Wedgwood factory tour guides and long-term volunteer at the museum, posing with a tray of glaze trials.

Rebecca swc

Annemarie, one of the lovely ladies that welcomes our visitors at the museum reception, picked a reproduction of the Portland vase. Annemarie swc  

Another volunteer, Matt, opted for this exquisite Keith Murray vase.

Matt swc

Finally June Bonell, Museum Manager, picked one of the highlights of the permanent collection: an earthenware Emile Lessore vase. 

June swc


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